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Luxury Vinyl & Linoleum Flooring

Luxury Vinyl Flooring & Linoleum

Being the flooring experts that we are at Carpet One Floor & Home & Design Center, we understand that our customers may be confused on the different flooring options available. Often times, LVT, vinyl, and linoleum floors are thought to be the same. That is quite the contrary though. LVT, vinyl, and linoleum may have some similar features, but overall provide different styles and looks.




LVT flooring, is known as luxury vinyl tile. It is easy to confuse this floor with vinyl flooring seeing that “vinyl” is said within it. However, LVT flooring has quickly become a homeowner’s favorite flooring option. LVT is perfect for high traffic areas in your home due to its waterproof capabilities and resistance to stains and scuffs. Yet, LVT is almost indistinguishable to real hardwood and stone, which makes it a great alternative to the real thing. Seeing that brands such as Invincible H20 and COREtec Plus have developed more strength and sustainable qualities for their flooring products, homeowners are finding it to be the right investment. Not only do LVT floors last longer, but you get all the textures, colors, and looks of real hardwood and stone. It is important to keep in mind that COREtec Plus and Invincible H20 are not the same, and both offer different benefits.




Vinyl flooring may seem to fit in with LVT floors, but it is more like the older sibling. Vinyl flooring has come a long way over the years, and no longer looks like that shiny plastic floor. Similar to LVT, vinyl flooring mimics the looks of hardwood and stone as well as ceramic tile. With more available colors and finishes, vinyl flooring is a great option for those high traffic areas in your home. Kitchens in particular need a durable floor that is also resistant to stains. With accidents being inevitable in kitchens, it is important to have a high performance floor. Along with its styles, vinyl flooring is resistant to stains, water, mold and mildew, which makes it the perfect option for kitchens. Vinyl flooring is available in sheets, tiles, or planks. To see our available vinyl brands, such as Earthscapes, click here: Earthscapes.





Linoleum is often confused with sheet vinyl. However, when it comes to similarities between the two, linoleum is much different. Linoleum flooring is a natural floor covering, and is an allergy-friendly floor. Due to its antistatic and antimicrobial properties, linoleum floors repel dust and dirt. Not only does this make for easier cleaning, but allows you to enjoy your home during allergy season.  Though linoleum flooring features vary between brands, one thing is for sure, linoleum is durable. Seeing that it is water-resistant and naturally healthy, you can feel confident in a linoleum floor.


To learn more about LVT, vinyl, and linoleum floors, contact Carpet One Floor & Home Design Center today in Napa, CA. 


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