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Carpet in Napa, CA

Carpet continues to be a top choice for both commercial and residential settings. Carpet is comfortable, stylish, and durable so you can live your life worry free on your floors. Carpet flooring features unmatched comfort and characteristics, which is why it has its very own category. There are several carpet characteristics that play a role like the base material, pile styles, and even the carpet cushion underneath.


Carpet One Floor & Home Design Center in Napa, CA is your local source for all things carpet flooring. Carpet is built to withstand everyday life, and comes in options that are stain, wear and fade proof so you can live your life worry free on your floors. Carpet is even a great option if you have pets running around your home.




Carpet Types

Choosing a carpet color is just one part of the process when it comes to buying a carpet for your home or business. Pile styles have unique characteristics, which will have an impact on how your carpet performs. What are these different characteristics? Cut pile is made of fibers that are cut at the ends making the carpet denser. Loop pile is the opposite, and no fibers are left at the surface and are in a series of loops, so the carpet looks even. Opposite from that, multi-level loop staggers the height of the loop fibers to create an uneven surface. Cut and loop piles also provide an uneven look and adds texture to the carpet.


Carpet is made from fibers, which can affect the look and feel of your flooring. It also determines the stain and matting resistance as well as long term durability. Nylon fibers are the most durable, but polyester has a comfortable feel. Then there are natural fibers like sisal and wool. Wool fibers are sought after by homeowners not just because they are natural but because they also feature many different benefits like being hypoallergenic.



Carpet Installation

It does not matter if you live an active lifestyle, or have a home that doesn’t see much activity, because there is a carpet for every type of home. We can help you find a carpet that suits your home and lifestyle. Carpets are more durable than you think and can handle places around your home with heavy traffic like hallways, stairs, and even living rooms. Transform rooms you like to relax in into cozy and inviting spaces as your own personal retreat. You can install carpet in your bedroom, and even in your child’s playroom. Places you should avoid installing carpet in include bathrooms and kitchens.



Our Carpet Selection

Check out our carpet and rug selection and choose from our exclusive brands like Relax, it’s…Lees, Tigressá, Innovia™, and Karastan. As your local flooring retailer, and a member of the Carpet One Floor & Home cooperative, we deliver quality flooring products and services for all our customers to enjoy.



More on Carpet

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Caring for Carpet Flooring

Caring for your carpet is easier than you think. We have compiled a list of carpet cleaning tips that will cut down on your weekend choir list, and leave your carpet looking beautiful for longer.




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