Tigressá® Carpets

Luxurious carpets that will sustain their look and strength for years

Having carpeting in your home shouldn't be a hassle. If you are spending more time trying to scrub out stains than enjoying the comfort of your carpet, then it is time to upgrade. At Carpet One Floor & Home Design Center, we have a wide selection of carpets to choose from. However, if pets and kids are constantly causing accidental spills and messes, you should consider a Tigressá® Carpet.

Tigressá® Carpet Collections

Tigressá® Carpets are known for their softness and strength of a tiger. The tightly woven nylon fibers allow for more filaments per square inch, and those filaments are half the size of human hair. This creates a softer and stronger carpet that will continue to maintain its look. 

Tigressá® offers a few collections to choose from. Though each provides unique benefits, all remain strong and stand up to the everyday wear. 

The Tigressá® Cherish collection is inspired by nature's hues and is constructed of natural resources. Additionally, this collection has an advanced color technology that will prevent your carpet from fading. Also, if you are looking for more plush, Tigressá® Cherish has it due to its 75% finer fibers.

Waterproof Carpets

Nonetheless, if you are looking for more strength out of your carpet, Tigressá® H20™ is your carpet. The Tigressá® H20™ collection offers a waterproof construction that prevents liquids from soaking into your carpet padding and subfloor. Considered about your pets ruining your carpet? Tigressá® H20™ is pet proof and won't retain the odors after an accident. Even if you miss a spill or mess the first time cleanup is still easy. 

To learn more about each Tigressá® collection, click on the product below: 

Tigressa Carpet Collections

Tigressa H20

Tigressá® H20™

Waterproof carpet construction. 

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Tigressá® SoftStyle

Rich colors with tightly woven fibers for greater protection.

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Tigressa Cherish

Tigressá® Cherish

Provides an advanced color technology to prevent carpet fading.

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To learn more about the Tigressá® Carpet collections, contact Carpet One Floor & Home Design Center, or visit our showroom in Napa, CA