pet friendly flooring from Carpet One

Pet Friendly Flooring Napa, CA

Pets are part of your family, so you want to make life easier for them - and for you - by installing pet-friendly flooring options. Take into account these facts when choosing a flooring: pet urine can leave odors and can stain, pet nails can snag or scratch, pets (especially dogs) can track dirt indoors, and water and food might be spilled. Here are a few recommendations for flooring options for your pet:

  • Pet-friendly carpet - Carpets are available with built-in stain resistance. The fibers are especially constructed to resist soil and stains. It also repels residues and moisture. You can also buy a protectant like PUP (Pet Urine Protection) which can be applied to the surface of your carpet. Finally, you can add a special pet pad which will help to protect your flooring and carpet
  • Pet-friendly vinyl tile - Cork Vi-Plank flooring has been especially designed to create a practical and attractive pet-friendly floor. This product resists scuffing and scratching, needs no waxing, stands up to wear and tear, and cleans effortlessly. There is also vinyl tile which can be replaced and removed individually, and are moisture-resistant, so they won't soak up pet stains or urine. Once a tile becomes too scratched up, it's easy to remove it and then replace it
  • Bamboo flooring - Bamboo feels and looks like wood, but incredibly, it's harder than the majority of hardwood flooring! Bamboo's less likely to be stained, and it stands up admirably against nail scratches. Besides, bamboo is environmentally friendly; it grows rapidly, and is a great renewable resource
  • Natural rugs made from jute or sisal look good and are easy to clean
  • Painted concrete floors are a fun pet-friendly option that's also inexpensive. Pet nails can't scratch concrete, accidents are a snap to clean up, and stained or painted concrete looks fun, not stark!

These are just a few of the many pet-friendly flooring options that are available in our store! Come visit today for more information and to start shopping.