How to Clean Carpets

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How do I Clean my Carpet Myself?

No matter how long you own your rug, a stain, spill or mess will happen. It really is just a matter of time. Going out and bringing in professionals to clean your home every single time there is a spill really isn't financially feasible, and while having it cleaned annually is recommended just to remove dander, dust and other debris, there are some general carpet cleaning tips you can follow to avoid visits from the pros in between. 

What is the Best way to Clean Carpet?

  • Blot Don't Rub: This is where many people get themselves into trouble. The natural inclination is to rub the stain out. This is the last thing you want to do. Blot at the stain to try and absorb as much of the excess material. Rubbing the stain simply spreads it out further. A sponge works great with blotting, but if no sponge is available in a pinch, reach for the wash cloth. 

  • The Home Remedies: You've probably hears stories from parents or grand parents about some home remedies used to clean carpets. Thing about it is, many of these home remedies do work, if performed correctly. After blotting at a stain, break out the club soda. Mix it with one part white vinegar and one part water and spray the stain with a spray bottle. Press down again with the sponge (avoiding to rub) and you'll begin pulling up the stain. Shaving cream actually works wonders here to. Apply the shaving cream to the stain, let it sit for 30 minutes or so, then blot it away with a dry cloth. Doing this after other stain removing tactics can bring out the best appearance of your carpet. 

  • The Gum Stain: The only thing worse than stepping in gum is tracking it into the house. The best course of action here is to freeze dry it. Apply ice to the gun to harden the ice, then use a spoon to lift up the gum and trim away the remaining area. These are some of the best carpet cleaner options available. Often times the faster you act the faster you can correct the issue. For most home owners with carpets, one of the most common questions is "how to clean carpet stains." These are some examples of what to do and how you can care for your rug, even after disaster in the form of red wine, pet accident or a muddy child strikes. 

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