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Engineered Hardwood in Napa, CA

engineered-hardwood-napa-caHardwood is a classic flooring option. It has rich tones that can serve as a timeless enhancement to any living room, dining room, bedroom or study. But did you know that there are two major categories within hardwood and all planks are not made the same? We’re not just talking about color or the type of tree it comes from, we’re talking the two major categories of wood. One is called solid hardwood and the other is called engineered hardwood. While all hardwood is considered to be a natural flooring option because it is not made with synthetic materials, solid hardwood is the more unrefined version. Solid hardwood planks are made up of full pieces of harvested wood. These planks can also include an added stain or seal. Solid hardwood is long lasting and durable, but there is also another category. While engineered hardwood resembles solid wood, it is a little different.

Solid Hardwood:

Solid wood planks are made from polished pieces of wood. They can come from any species. These pieces are then cut into various widths. While in the past the standard size was a more narrow width, planks with wider widths are gaining in popularity. As far as thickness goes, solid planks are usually ¾’ thick. Hardwood is a great investment that will increase your home’s value and will work well in many spaces. But, be wary of installing hardwood in moisture-prone rooms as the planks can expand and contract based on changing moisture levels. 
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Engineered Hardwood:

Engineered hardwood, while still made from wood, will not be one solid piece. Engineered planks are constructed out of laminated layers of wood that are fused together in cross-ply directions. These planks are then topped with a layer of premium wood made from a species you might see in solid hardwood. This will be the surface layer, but because the lower layers are hidden, they do not need to be made out of the same type of wood. This way, you can get the look of beautiful hardwood by only paying the premium price for the top layer, not the whole plank!

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