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Cork Flooring in Napa, CA

cork-flooring-carpet-one-napa-caCork is an eco-friendly and exotic option when it comes to choosing a flooring material. Cork actually comes from trees, just like hardwood does, but it comes from a different part of the three. Cork is made from the bark of cork oak trees instead of from wood. Harvesting the bark off the tree is done without causing damage to the trees, which makes cork a sustainable product. Cork has many benefits and most are thanks to cork’s structure. Read on to find out the benefits below:
Cork’s structure resembles a honeycomb. Cork contains cells that are spread out which enables the cork to retain a lot of air. Because of this, cork flooring will be very balanced, easy and resilient. Cork feels soft underfoot and is a comfortable surface, but it will also bounce back from heavy impacts and heavy furniture.

Cork’s honeycomb structure also makes it a natural noise reducer. Cork will absorb the vibrations sounds or other impacts put out, reducing noise levels between floors and between rooms. Re-doing an entertainment or rec room? Cork is a great choice for a room that you anticipate to have lots of noise.

Cork is airy and absorbent, and this helps to reduce heat loss and make cork a natural insulator. Cork’s temperature will remain pretty neutral no matter the season, and it will never feel too hot or cold to the touch. This benefit of cork can also save you money on excess cooling or heating costs.

Live in a sensitive or allergy-prone household? Cork is anti-microbial and hypoallergenic. Cork contains a naturally occurring wax, called suberin, which repels mold and bugs. Cork also won’t absorb dust.

Check out some of our cork products here. Call or come in to learn more about cork today!

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