Bedroom Flooring

When thinking about flooring for you bedroom, you want to consider a few things.  The flooring is the first and last thing your feet feel, and the room is what you see each day.  The bedroom is also an area of the home that experiences high traffic.  The flooring should be comfortable, attractive, durable, and easy to maintain.  Here are a few flooring options for the bedroom.

Carpet is a popular choice because it feels soft and you can choose warm colors to complement the room.  Carpeting provides some insulation for temperature control and it decreases noise for sleeping.  Carpeting is versatile and can be installed at a lower cost.  It does have a shorter lifespan that some alternative flooring and can be harder to keep clean and free from allergens.

Another favorite bedroom flooring choice is hardwood because it is inherently beautiful.  It is not soft, but can have a softer feel than some other flooring options.  Add some throw rugs and it can be soft and warmer.  It does carry more noise and provides little insulation, but rugs help.  It takes a little more work to maintain, but it is durable and will last for years.

Cork is an alternative that adds an intriguing beauty to a bedroom and it is softer for the feet.  It can be stained in different colors, which can be changed every few years.  It is naturally hypoallergenic and easy to maintain.  Cork is durable and resistant to stains.  It is a great insulation material to help control for temperature and decrease noise, making it an excellent option for second story bedrooms.

Laminate is a versatile option because it comes in hardwood, stone, cork, or tile appearance.  It is durable, easy to maintain and install, and is cost effective.  It is resistant to the growth of bacteria and helps with air quality.  It is not too hard on the feet, and rugs improve the softer feel and enhance warmth.

Contact one of our experienced flooring professionals today to explore your bedroom floor options and start planning your new bedroom floor.